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1: What is the delivery time?

Delivery takes approximately 3-4 working days.

2: What is hot smoking and cold smoking and which smokers are suitable for which method?

Hot smoking both smokes and cooks the fish or meat and is the most common method for amateurs. It is easier and quicker. All our smokers are suitable for hot smoking. Cold smoking is a method whereby the fish or meat is cured in smoke at a low temperature (less than 30 degrees). This can take several days and preparation of the food is important e.g. soaking in brine then air drying. We recommend books on the subject are consulted before cold smoking and while it is technically possible to use all our smokers for cold smoking by far the best and most reliable choice is our 'Professional Meat and Fish Smoker'  as it is thermostatically controlled and insulated.

3: How long will these smokers last?

That depends on storage and use, but there is little to go wrong so many years of use should be possible with care.  

4: How do I know which meat or fish smoker is best suited for me? What smoker is ideal for smoking fish for instance?

See our ‘choosing the right smoker’ article. We have smokers to fit most budgets.

5: How much sawdust should I use for smoking fish or meat?

No set amount, but start with a handful and experiment. Add as you go to keep the smoke constant. You can smoke a few mackerel with a handful of sawdust. 

6: what is the difference between wood chips, sawdust and berry sawdust?

Berries add flavour. Sawdust smolders more easily and chips can be used to produce heat as well as smoke for non-electric hot smoking

7: Can I use any of these smokers indoors?

Treat you smoker as you would your BBQ, keep it well ventilated and away from anything combustible. We recommend you use it outside or under a suitable lean-to.

8: How long do I smoke the fish or meat for?

See our ‘How long does fish or meat smoking take’ article. There is no set time and times can vary from 30 minutes to over 1 week.

9: How do I know if the fish or meat is ready to eat?

Hot smoking is much like oven cooking or BBQing. Check it thoroughly before eating and if necessary BBQ or grill it to finish the cooking process. Cold smoking is more complicated as it is a cold curing process and we recommend you buy a book on the subject for guidance on temperatures and times.

10: Will fuelling the smoker once be enough or do I need to keep refuelling it?

That depends on how long you are smoking for, but generally hot smoking fish can be done without adding further sawdust, but larger pieces of meat or cold smoking will require several additions of wood over several hours or days.

11: What Fish and meats can I smoke with these smokers?

Most kinds of fish or meat can be hot smoked as hot smoking is similar to oven cooking. Cold smoking needs more preparation and consideration and we recommend following recipes available in books on the subject.

12: Where are the smokers made?

Our smokers are manufactured for us within the EU.