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Choosing your Fish or Meat Smoker

We supply food smokers to fit most budgets and intended applications. Here is a simple guide to choosing our products:

Great Value entry level smokers:

If you are after a no frills cheap and cheerful fish smoker try this as it is good for hanging fish or meat of various sizes and is telescopic. Or if you are mostly going to smoke meat try this because it offers easier access to 'baskets' suitable for holding meat. These can be used for both hot and cold smoking but are better for hot smoking. 


If you are looking for a gift or have a very limited budget you should consider this portable little smoker which works well but due to its size can only take 1-2 small-ish mackerel or trout at a time. Only for hot smoking

Mid Range Electric meat or fish smoker

Perhaps the ideal balance of cost and functionality for the amateur food smoker comes in the form of this smoker. Ideal for both fish and meat it comes with a glass door so you can keep an eye on whats cooking. It is our recommended electric food smoker and suitable for both hot and cold smoking.

Big Smokers for quantity and size

For keen anglers, we have the unique Tall Fish Smoker which at over a meter high can accommodate eels or large fish without breaking the bank. Our Food Smoker can take up to 70 fish or pieces of meat. Both of these smokers come with sawdust trays for fuel, but a thermostatically controlled electric heating element can be added at extra cost. Suitable for both hot and cold smoking.

Professional meat and fish smokers

Still representing amazing value for money our professional food smoker can be used for commercial smoking or by amateurs wanting the best. It is fully insulated and thermostatically controlled which even allows precise temperature control outside in the depths of winter. If you already have a food smoker but just need the thermostatic heating element we can also supply these on their own. Ideal for cold or hot smoking and definitely the pick of the bunch if you predominantly want to use a cold smoking method. 

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