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Trout: from lake to smoker to plate!

Trout: from lake to smoker to plate!

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Here are some photos of a recent Outdoorcook fishing trip to Boring Wheel Trout Fishery in East Sussex. It was a beautiful few hours on the lake with 3 nice rainbows caught on a fluffy weighted orange fly. Of course we had to smoke the trout and yes, it was sensational!

The trout was smoked in our Fish Smoker using a handful of charcoal and a couple of handfuls of Beech Wood Chips. The smoking process took a couple of hours and couldn't have been simpler. The trout was gutted and and hung in the smoker. The firebox was lit using some paper and kindling and once the charcoal was smouldering well, the wood chips were added and the box placed in the smoker. That's it! a couple of hours later and the most delicious succulent smoked trout was ready to eat!

Trout caught in Sussex

Smoking a trout

Trout Smoked