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Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips

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Below are rough guidelines for Hot and Cold smoking of fish and meats. There are various methods and preferences possible with this smoker depending on taste and what is being smoked.


Hot Smoking:

Leave fish to dry after preparing in brine or salt. Place the fish on the smoking tray or hung from the meat hooks.

Meat, Foul or Game can be prepared my marinading or with a herb rub. As with fish, the meat needs to be dry before placing in the smoking oven either on the smoking tray or hung from the meat hooks.

Fill the sawdust tray with sawdust, wood chips or pieces of suitable wood for smoking. Dried herbs and spices can also be added to the smoking mixture in the tray.

Place the tray of sawdust on top of the heating element. Make sure the sawdust or wood is smouldering before placing the fish or meat in the oven. (NB: you could also light the sawdust directly without using the electric element if you are unable to access a power supply. Twigs can be used in this case to get the smouldering process going)

The vents can be used to balance the smoke circulation so that it fills the smoker evenly (not just collecting at the top)

When the oven has been at a constant temperature of 60-100 degrees C for at least 10 minutes, the electric element should be switched off and smoking process allowed to continue. If the element is not being used and twigs have been used to keep the smouldering process going, a little water can dampen down the heat after the initial 10 minute hot smoking process is complete.

Leave the smoking process to continue with the door closed for approximately 1.5 hours for fish and 1 - 3 hours + for meat, fowl or game.

NB: Food may require additional cooking (grilling, bbq, oven etc) after this process depending on the size of fish/meat. Always check food is properly cooked through before consuming.


Cold Smoking:

For smoking bacon, ham, beef, pork, fowl, game, fish and sausage etc

Before smoking, the meat to be smoked should be steeped in salt brine or salt for a couple of days, then allowed to air dry.

For cold smoking, fill the smoking tray with sawdust and light part of it to smoulder. Adjust the vents to allow even circulation of the smoke. The temperature inside the smoker oven should remain between 0 – 30 degrees C. This smoking process can be repeated up to 5 time over a 5 day period depending on taste. The more often the meat is smoked the stronger the smoked flavour. Meat should be stored in a cool dry place and can be consumed up to 14 days after smoking.


The description above is a rough guide only with no liability accepted by us with regard to the suitability of food for consumption. It is for the end user/cook to ensure food is prepared properly and safely. 2018