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Game Fishing: Smoking the Catch

Game Fishing: Smoking the Catch

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Salmon and Trout are by far the most popular foods to smoke in the British Isles. The flavours, oils and even the colour of these game fish lend themselves to the noble art of smoking. Farmed fish bought from the fishmonger can be very successfully smoked but the ideal experience must be to catch a game fish yourself. While fishing from the banks of a Scottish river or loch is probably the ultimate experience, cheaper alternatives perhaps closer to home are available. Our local trout fishery at Boring Wheel in Sussex is a great example. Fly fishing for large feisty Brown and Rainbow trout for the smoker is excellent here. 

So, if you are a game fisherman looking to smoke your catch which smoker should you go for? Four of the smokers we sell stand out as best suited for smoking salmon or trout.

1) The cheapest and most portable option is our Fish Smoker. This clever little smoker extends for smoking larger fish and can be easily transported to the river bank or lake. Of course it can also be used at home in your garden. This smoker only allows hanging, so placing fillets on trays is not an option here. Small whole trout up to about 3lb in weight are ideal.

2) The Tall Fish Smoker is an excellent budget option allowing large fish to be smoked. As it is also quite narrow, fish must be hung, which is no problem if you are smoking a whole large trout for instance. It is also very suitable for Eels. 

3) Our Food Smoker  is an ideal choice for the game fisherman. Numerous fish 'baskets' are supplied to take a large quantity of whole trout. Large fish such as salmon can be easily hung in this smoker and  trays of fillets can also be smoked. This is a versatile product and while hot smoking is always the easier option, cold smoking is possible.

4) Our Professional Meat and Fish Smoker offers superior temperature control to the above three smokers as it is insulated and comes with a thermostatically controlled electric heating element (but can also be used without the electric element). Although not as tall as the Large Box Smoker or Tall Fish Smoker and so not suitable for the largest fish (whole), whole trout can be smoked and fillets of trout and salmon arranged on a rack. 

Whichever smoker you choose, smoked game fish is a culinary delight that belays its simplicity of preparation. Not much more than a few hours sprinkled with salt and sugar followed by another few hours in the smoker is all that is required.